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Community Youth Projects


We work with a variety of organisations, including the Princes' Trust. We can offer packages both on site and off site, from one session to numerous! The aims of our community Youth Projects are to:


  • To build trust, respect and communication skills between the youngsters attending the project.

  • To encourage learning and understanding in respects of our local environment and to take an interest in local developments and the need for balance between the latter and the local biodiversity.

  • To aim to link areas of learning and development during activities with subjects taught within the National Curriculum - specifically aimed at Key Stages: 2,3, 4 and post 16.

  • To learn new outdoor skills and to have a sense of achievement when completing a project.

  • To endeavour to work both independently and in a team,Most importantly to communicate clearly and develop listening skills.

  • To encourage the youngsters to learn basic first-aid, survival skills, safe fire lighting practise and techniques for safely using tools. The activities that take place are very much inspired by the youngsters themselves. These include shelter building, open fire cooking, night treks, bat and owl watching and woodland management skills.

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