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 Holiday Workshops  

The next holiday workshops will be run during the Summer Holidays. 

The workshops will be run between 10 am and 2 pm, with a break for lunch.  The cost will be £30 for the 4 hour session, with a discount of 10% when more than one child is booked onto a workshop in a single booking. The discount applies to all children on that booking. The price includes any drinks, marshmallows and pizzas mentioned in the workshops.  Children need to be between 6 and 16 years old to attend.

During marshmallow cooking we will also have vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

Nut allergies

Due to the increase of young people being allergic to nuts and products containing nuts, we kindly request that parents, guardians and carers ensure that children attending holiday workshops do not bring nuts or nut based products.

Please ensure that if your child has a severe allergic reaction to nuts, we are made aware on booking, and that they bring their EPIPEN and any related medicine with them.

We do not provide food, except for marsh mallows and pizzas on certain workshops and therefore cannot guarantee that the site will be free of nut traces.

We have moved to an on-line booking system, and you will receive an e-mail for each booking made to confirm the booking.  The e-mail will also contain a link to your system calendar; should you wish to use it. 

The bookings page shows how many places are left for each workshop.

If the workshops are fully booked, they no longer appear on the booking page.

The Summer Holiday workshop details are shown below. 

Tuesday 23rd July: Fuel forage and fire craft/ Bushcraft tracking skills: Tracks, Scat ID & feathers.

24th of July: Woodland wizard sticks and beaded creations/ Den and shelter building.

25th of July: Fire craft and fuel foraging/ Japanese printmaking.

26th of July: Warrior throwing sticks/ Habitat tracking skills.


Monday 29th July: Fire starting skills with friction/ Den and shelter construction.

30th July: Fire starting and woodland, pizzas/ Woodland den building.

31st July: Coppicing and whittling warrior staffs/ Bushcraft tracking skills; Tracks, Scat ID and feathers.

1st of August: Fuel foraging, fire starting techniques/ Woodland concealment skills and hide and seek!


Monday, the 5th of August: Fuel foraging and fire starting skills/ Woodland Art creations and inspirations!

6th of August: Bushcraft tracking skills/ Woodland den construction.

7th of August: Bushcraft, tracking skills and eco-pile construction/ Everything fire! Safely exploring different techniques of fire starting.

8th of August: Woodland skills/ Everything fire utilising the Sun!


Monday 12th of August: Fuel foraging and fire starting/ Woodland ‘Assegai’ spear making.

13th of August: Bush craft tracking skills/ Fire craft with parabolic mirrors.

14th of August: Whittling warriors staffs/ Bushcraft nature detectives.

15th of August. Woodland wizard stick creations with beaded charms/Woodland Games and Party Extravaganza!


Monday 19th of August: Bushcraft tracking skills; Tracks, Scat ID and feathers / Fuel foraging & fire.

20th of August: Fire and Marshmallows / Woodland den and shelter construction!

21st of August: Woodland, nature detectives / Woodland whittling and spear making.

22nd of August: Bug and mini beast detectives / Japanese woodland printmaking.


Tuesday 27th of August: Woodland warrior staff and whittling / Den building.

28th of August: Fire and woodland pizzas! / Woodland whittling skills.

29th of August: Everything, fire and focus on fuel forage / Woodland Games and Party Extravaganza!

Please try and arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the workshop. in order that the workshops can start on time. On arrival, please park in the car park and walk up the track to our new check in booth.

Please note that for health and safety reasons, attendees must under no circumstances bring their own tools or knives to use at the Cotswold Forest School. If they are found, they will be confiscated immediately and returned to their parents.

Expect the children to get very muddy if it has been raining and either bring a change of cloths or a bin bag to put them in for the journey home! In the summer there are nettles and mosquitoes, and so it is advisable for them to wear long trousers and or insect repellent.

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