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Safety of everyone in our care is of paramount importance to Cotswold Forest School. We carry out risk assessments for every aspect of Forest School, from individual activity assessments to daily site checks before any group arrives.


We have clear policies and procedures to ensure that everyone involved is working from the same guidelines. Our Forest School and Bushcraft instructors are trained to dynamically evaluate as the sessions take place and will always ensure children are not only safe but feel secure in the woods.


The instructors will also make certain that clear safety guidelines are explained and adhered to as required for the environment or activities that are taking place. Whenever possible the group will be encouraged to get involved in setting the safety rules for the camp and surrounding areas. 


The CFS team find this helps children make sense of and see clearly the reasons behind the rules.One of the core aspects of Forest School is to equip children and young people with self-esteem and confidence to be able to assess risks for themselves and make appropriate decisions. Groups will run with a high ratio of adults to children to allow for close observation but minimal intervention to support this goal.


All leaders are qualified in first aid and carry appropriate first aid kits, mobile ‘phones and location details. Any volunteers who work for Cotswold Forest School are always under the direct supervision of a Forest School leader, fully insured and are also CRB/DBS checked.Forest School is designed to be a stimulating environment. Woodlands by their very nature are wild places and not sterile or totally risk-free. We don’t want to take the thrill and adventure out of an important experience. However, we take all measures to reduce unnecessary risk for children, young people and their workers. If you have any concerns about your group or child’s safety please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions. All Cotswold Forest School risk assessments, policies and procedures are contained in our H&S documents and are frequently updated.

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