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What to Bring?


In order to have a positive experience at Cotswold Forest School each child or young person will need to be dressed appropriately for sessions in the woodland.


This means long trousers and sleeves, sturdy boots or wellingtons and waterproof clothing. Activities take place in all weathers throughout the year so it is recommended that participants come with fleece or woollen layers, hat and gloves. Parents and staff should be aware that children are likely to get grubby or muddy in the forest and to make sure their child understands that it is OK and they won’t be told off! If it is particularly hot the children should bring sun cream a mosquito repellant if appropriate (we are in the heart of the Cotswold Water Park!).


Accompanying group leaders and teachers also need to come appropriately dressed. Please remember we are dealing with the British weather, expect the best but prepare for the worst! Children will also need a healthy, balanced packed lunch, snack and drink suitable for an active day. Running around in the woods can create big appetites.


If there is to be a fire and the children wish to cook over it this can be discussed with the CFS team in advance. Please ensure children do NOT bring money, mobile ‘phones, any valuables or knives with them.



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