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How it Works


Cotswold Forest School provides ways for meeting National Curriculum learning objectives whilst developing practical life skills and encouraging child initiated learning, which is observed and assessed.


Many children benefit from and prefer a practical element to their learning, and achieve greater levels of success in this context than in a traditional classroom environment. All children benefit from opportunities to demonstrate a wider range of knowledge and expertise – especially important for those who don't often ‘shine’ in the classroom.


Their peers accord them and their achievements greater respect. Cotswold Forest School is particularly successful in developing self-esteem and confidence, and motivating children who, for a range of reasons, struggle in a classroom environment. Forest School has additional physical, social and health benefits for children and young people who are leading increasingly indoor lives, helping them to enjoy physical activity outdoors and mitigate obesity.


Children and young people become more confident in their own natural and made environments, and acquire a deeper understanding about environmental issues locally and globally. Parents, particularly fathers, are more likely to involve themselves in projects of this sort, and become engaged in their children's education. Improved behaviour and motivation go back into the usual learning environment with the children, and have an impact on achievement. All our CFS instuctors hold Enhanced CRB Checks and are First Aid Qualified. We look forward to welcoming you all.



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