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Team Building

Team size

The number of participants is limited to 15.

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What will the team do? do?

Based in the Heart of the Cotswold Water Park in a stunning ancient woodland, a Cotswold Team building Bushcraft event will provide your team with a set of fun, informative and challenging tasks based around a realistic survival scenario.

Your team will need to plan and prioritise a number of potentially life-saving activities, including lighting a fire, building a shelter and making water safe to drink, with only limited tools and equipment.

But don’t worry, we’ll provide instruction and guidance as well as keeping an eye out for any hazards.

Our team building events offer a fresh, exciting alternative to the norm where your team will come closer together by overcoming real challenges in a safe environment .  Our events create a buzz amongst the team and provide water cooler conversations that will last for months.

How long does it last?

We currently offer three options:

·        A two hour session either in the morning or afternoon,

·        A four hour session, or

·        An overnight bushcraft team building event which starts at 3PM on day 1 and finishes at 10am on day 2.

Both options are run from our expedition style ancient woodland camp, equipped with a Firepit, benches, prep area and composting toilet.

What will my team get from a Cotswold Team building Bushcraft event?

For 99% of humankind’s existence we have been communal hunter gatherers, inexorably connected to our environment.  People are ‘programmed’ to work in teams through evolution, it is how we have survived; we thrived in social groups based on co-operation, intricate multi-staged planning and a range of innovative social and communication skills.

Bushcraft is today’s equivalent of those hunter gatherer societies and is the ultimate in team building. There is no bushcraft activity that can’t be made easier by working together and the synergies become readily apparent to anyone who takes part.

In a bushcraft environment, working together is the natural way to do things, without even thinking about it. It’s also a lot of fun, provides endless ‘firsts’ for participants and can have a positive impact that remains for years to come. We can also offer Archery, Axe throwing and have various physical challenges throughout the woods. All our experienced instructors are fully insured, first-aid trained and each have their own specialized skills.

Get in touch to find out more or to book an appointment to discuss your needs and requirements.

07927 521089

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